Fresh fruits

  • GPIF is a company that has specialty in exporting tropical fruits, mainly Namdokmai Mango. As we have close relationship with top GAP farms countrywide, and are partnering with a GMP packing house, we are able to provide premium quality products for our clients, even in off-seasonal periods.




Our Uniqueness

  • We are able to provide mangoes around 10 months in a year as we can select fresh mangoes from qualified farms (GAP Certified) all over the country.


  • Our packing house (GMP Certified) has expertise in exporting Namdokmai mangoes and, currently, one of the market leaders in South Korea, proving our strong supply and high qualified productions.




Our Process

  • Our partner packing house (GMP certified) is located in Chantaburi province, so-called the capital city of tropical fruits. The packing house operates with the very close support from the provincial Co-Ops. In addition, it is one of the only seven entities in Thailand who have Vapor Heat Treatment system, making our products qualified according to the standards of many selective countries.




Our storage & Shipping 

  • Once we finish the packing processes, we store mangoes in temperature-controlled storage, which is set to 15 degree celsius.
  • After that, we ship mangoes to airport by a truck that is also set to keep Namdokmai mangoes in 15 degree celsius to make sure that we can maintain the high quality products and deliver them to our clients’ hands.




Our own brand "Lion Fruits"



  • We have our own brand “Lion Fruits” which is now mainly marketed in South Korea. We currently provide  Mangoes in variety sizes which are 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. (“14” means 14 mangoes per a box of 5 kg.)


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